Tips for Buying a Used Wheelchair Van

Instead of buying a brand new wheelchair van, you can opt to get a used wheelchair van. Ideally, you want to contact a qualified evaluator about your particular needs, including limitations of the wheelchair user, seating requirements and additional equipment that’s to be installed in the van. From there, you’ll want to contact companies that […]

Elder Care Safety Issues

Opting for elderly care at home entails various safety considerations on your part to ensure that you are not posing any threat to their health and safety. Due to the lack of coordination and reduced sensitivity to their environment, elderly individuals also lack the capacity to assess the features on their environment on whether it […]

Hospice Care

Medicare beneficiaries certified as terminally ill may choose to receive hospice care rather than regular Medicare benefits for their terminal illness. Part A can pay for two 90-day hospice benefit periods, a subsequent period of 30 days, and a subsequent extension of unlimited duration. If you enroll in a Medicare-certified hospice program, you will receive […]

Understanding Group Health Insurance

There are two principal sources of group insurance: employers and voluntary associations. Employer Group Insurance for Retirees. Many people have private insurance when they reach age 65 that often is purchased through their or their spouse’s current employer or union membership. If you have such coverage, find out if it can be continued when you […]

Home Care Services Employment

Many individuals who are certified as a Nursing Assistant become frustrated with the medical facility environment. The often have to work as scheduled including holidays, deal with internal issues among staff, want more pay for the work they are doing, and don’t feel appreciated. Home health care offers a great alternative to Nursing Assistants who […]

The Differences In Elder Care Services

Time marches on and so do we. Before we know it, we are older and so are our parents or loved ones. Caring for them and being sure their needs are met become a prime concern especially when they begin to not be able to care for themselves as they used to. This dilemma touches […]

Long-Term Care Insurance

Nursing home and long-term care insurance are available to cover custodial care in a nursing home. Some of these policies also cover home care, and others are available to pay for care in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) after your Medicare benefits run out (see page 3 for an explanation of the Medicare benefit for […]

Medicare Coverage Home Health Care

Medicare fully covers medically necessary home health visits if you are homebound, including parttime or intermittent skilled nursing services. A Medicare-certified home health agency can also furnish the services of physical and speech therapists. Should you require speech-language pathology, physical therapy, continuing occupational therapy or intermittent skilled nursing services, are confined to your home, and […]

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance is an insurance scheme provided by the insurance companies for a group of persons, such as the employees of an organization at a reduced individual rate. Most of the companies provide group health insurance schemes for their employees, which helps the employees to receive health treatments without any cost they need to […]

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