The Tap Water Crisis – Facts You Do Not Know

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Human being knows the importance of water and its quality since ancient times. In fact, the only reason of life on earth is the oxygen and most importantly water. Pure and clean drinking water is a necessity of any living being on the earth. Due to industrial revolution, pollution and increasing population, no such pure and clean drinking water is left for people. The facts generated through water project organization on water crisis from all over the world will definitely be going to shock you.

  • In the developed and developing countries, 80% of diseases are caused due to the tap water contamination.
  • More than half of the world's hospitals are filled with those, who are suffering from waterborne disease.
  • More than 700 million people around the world do not have clean water to drink.
  • World Health Organization (WHO)states in one of their reports that for every $1, which we invest in water and sanitation, there will be a benefit of $3 and $34!
  • The two out of every 10 deaths is due to water-related diseases, throughout the world.
  • 2 in 18 people do not have clean water to drink.
  • 115 people die every hour due to contaminated tap water throughout the world.
  • 3883 people were died in year 2012 due to consuming contaminated water.
  • The contamination in tap water has increased by 60% in just last 5 years.

These were a few facts from all over the world. Do not feel yourself safe; check your tap water quality today. From whereare you getting the supply of water? Through the taps? Nothing is safe; due to the increasing pollution, you cannot avoid this serious problem. Some of you already have brought a good water filter for your house to protect yourself from deadly disease caused through tap water. However, one water filter will not be going to protect you from all kind of water related diseases and allergies. Therefore, some serious steps have to be taken. To protect yourself and your family from impure and contaminated tap water, you should bring a whole house water filter for the full protection of your house. It will protect you from all the outer and internal problems caused by tap water and it adds minerals to water which are important for human body. You can know more about whole house water filters at, etc.

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